SDS Max Combihammers

Hilti offers several heavy duty combination drilling and chiseling tools. Some of the units are available with Hilti’s innovative Active Torque Control. ATC is an exclusive feature that offers unmatched operator protection. If a drill bit binds in the hole, and the sensors detect the tool body beginning to rotate too quickly it will disengage the drive system. Some of these combihammers are also available with Hilti’s Active Vibration Reduction. AVR is a technology that effectively reduces vibration by up to two thirds. Combihammers can be used with an optional Hilti Dust Removal System to control dust on your jobsite. When selecting a combihammer it is important to know the size range of the hole diameters to be drilled and the amount of chiseling capability needed.

TE 50 Combihammer

TE 60 Combihammer

TE 60-ATC-AVR Combihammer

TE 70 Combihammer

TE 70-ATC Combihammer

TE 80-ATC-AVR Combihammer


For additional information on each Rotary Hammer contact us or see the Tool Selector Chart

Combihammer Selector

Connection end is SDS Max

Active Vibration Reduction

Active Torque Control