Most Popular CertainTeed Insulation Products for 2019


CertainTeed makes it their mission to create high-quality insulation products for many different applications. They design their products with a focus on controlling moisture, airflow, temperature and acoustics. This makes them highly effective at helping builders improve the comfort and efficiency of each space they create. To help you find the right insulation for your construction projects, use this rundown of the most popular CertainTeed products for 2019.


For commercial construction applications, you can pick up CertaPro commercial fiberglass batts to thoroughly insulate the space. You can select this insulation with one of three facing options. Designed for non-exposed areas, the kraft facing is used for buildings with steel studs, while foil facing works with both wood and steel studs. For specialty applications in need of a 25/50 Fire Hazard Classification, you can choose foil scrim kraft (FSK-25) facing instead. In addition to providing an effective thermal barrier, this insulation does not rot or grow mildew – and keeps fungal growth at bay.

InsulSafe SP

Due to its ease of installation and sheer efficiency, CertainTeed’s InsulSafe blown-in insulation has become quite a popular option for residential and commercial applications. The loose fill fiberglass material easily blows into open areas, such as wall cavities and between attic joists, and does not settle over time. The specialized installation process ensures excellent coverage that helps boost the thermal efficiency of the structure. You can trust that the blown-in insulation will not rot, mold or otherwise decay over time.

Sustainable Insulation

In an effort to minimize their impact on the environment, CertainTeed came out with their Sustainable Insulation line. From engineering to shipping, every aspect of this product focuses on maximizing sustainability, as does its performance. Once installed, this insulation works hard to keep noise levels to a minimum and protects against the transfer of heat. Like the loose-fill product, this insulation does not settle nor need replacement for the life of the structure.


For an encapsulated insulation option, consider EasyTouch in completing all your residential and commercial construction projects. This fiberglass insulation helps control heat transfer and reduces noise when installed in the walls, ceiling and floors of the structure. It works best in buildings framed only with wood materials, not steel. The poly-sheeting surrounding the fiberglass protects from direct contact with the material for a truly easy, stress-free installation.

These are just a few of the effective insulation products offered by CertainTeed. By finding the right options for your projects, you can maximize the comfort and efficiency of each interior space you build. To get started in your search, reach out to our team at Tri-City Distribution with a call to 909-798-9888. We will help you identify and acquire the insulation that will work best for your construction projects

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