Contractor’s Guide to Commercial Insulation Product Types


With the right type of insulation, you can optimize the energy efficiency and comfort of commercial buildings of all kinds. To achieve the best results, you must select the right type of insulation for every corner of the build. Otherwise, you could miss the chance to keep heat transfer to a minimum. Thankfully, by learning all about the different insulation types, you can always fit the right product in all the right places. Here’s what you need to know.

Rolls and Batts

Designed primarily for the floor, wall, and ceiling cavities, insulation rolls and batts greatly improve the efficiency of the building while remaining cost effective. You can find this insulation in a wide range of R-values to best suit the build in question.  


Available as an alternative to rolls and batts, blow-in insulation offers just as much protection against heat transfer but is much faster to install. This type of insulation works incredibly well for areas that are difficult to access, such as the attic.

Mineral Wool

Made from volcanic rock and resin, mineral wool insulation minimizes heat transfer and keeps sounds from traveling through the interior space. This insulation comes in batts in various widths and lengths to fit in a variety of suspended ceiling systems and steel-stud wall cavities.  

Foam Board

Designed for exposed interior spaces, foam board insulation provides effective heat transfer and moisture protection. In addition to its protective qualities, this insulation creates a clean appearance that beautifully complements the interior space.  

Foil Sheeting

Radiant barriers, also known as foil sheeting, reflects heat coming into the building, helping improve the efficiency of the other insulation materials. As it works best when aligned perpendicularly to the heat source, making this material popular in the attics of commercial buildings.

Acoustics Control

Going beyond preventing heat transfer are acoustics control materials designed for use in commercial buildings. These insulation products keep sound from traveling from room to room and disrupting the onsite operations.

As you work on renovating or building commercial structures, you have a wide range of commercial insulation products to consider. When you select the right insulation for each area, you will greatly improve the energy efficiency of the building. Your efforts will also help keep the building comfortable and quiet as employees work on completing their daily tasks.

If you are unsure what type of insulation to use, please feel free to turn to our team at Tri-City Distributors for support. To get in touch, just give us a call at 909-798-9888. We look forward to helping you learn about our commercial insulation products and acquire the materials you need for your project.

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