Contractors Guide: Buying Commercial Insulation


Buying insulation is a critical part of the commercial construction process, but many contractors leave this crucial step until the last minute. Preparing and making selections in advance ensures that the products you want are available and that you get the best possible price. Any materials that have to be purchased in a rush end up costing more than those ordered with care in advance — commercial insulation is no exception. 

Buying Insulation? These Best Practices Will Help

Shop in Person. When you can see your options in person, you can get a sense of the product range available and the amounts of product your supplier has on hand. At Tri-City, we keep a significant amount of inventory in-house, so you can always explore your options in person. The other benefit of shopping in person when buying insulation is the expertise and familiarity a stockist has with their chosen range of product. You’ll be able to ask questions and get the answers you need, right away. 

Order more than you need: Things can and do go wrong on the jobsite, and if a sub (or one of your own employees) makes an error, you’ll still have the materials needed to complete the job, without placing another order. 

Choose a brand you love — and stick with it: Commercial insulation products vary by model, type and manufacturer. When you commit to a single brand, you can be sure your work will be consistent and that your team becomes very familiar with the specific tools and steps needed for the installation process. Choosing just a few product lines for your projects allows you to work with familiar materials and tools; it can also help you save money if you buy in bulk. Committing to a brand like CertainTeed or a material allows your installers to build their skills and expertise. 

Taking the time to optimize your buying practices and insulation choices ensures you make the most of every project budget and that your clients are delighted with the results. We’d love to show off our extensive lineup of commercial insulation options; just stop by and visit our oversized, fully stocked inventory of commercial insulation and supplies. Our experienced team is ready to help you choose the right product for every job. 

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