Commercial Metal Building Insulation


Look to Tri-City Distribution for commercial metal building and roofing insulation you can rely on for your project, whether new construction, retro-fit or anywhere in-between. The experienced TCD team carries in-depth knowledge of custom-laminated metal building products and policies, from energy codes and standards to best practices.

California energy codes and environmental certifications have created challenges for contractors, but at TCD, we pride ourselves on being a resource you can consult with for virtually any project to find the right insulation system. Tri-City Distribution offers a wide selection of commercial metal building insulation products and systems and specialize in the extreme weather conditions of Southern California. TCD offers delivery to your job site or warehouse and ongoing support, product information, safety literature and more — so you can focus on delivering a quality final product.

Properly installed commercial metal building insulation greatly reduces ongoing energy costs. Upgrading insulation systems to a double layer High R-Value system further decreases energy costs and is desirable for many applications.

Commercial Metal Building Insulation – Common Installations:

  • New Construction Buildings
  • Retro Fit Buildings
  • High R-Value
  • Bar Joist Buildings
  • Pole Buildings
  • Car Port Buildings

Commercial Metal Building Insulation Products:

  • Single Layer System – Commercial buildings with a minimal insulation requirement often use the single layer system which is placed over the top of the roof purlins or wall girts prior to the exterior metal panels. Fiberglass rolls are compressed between the interior and exterior sheeting. The additional vapor barrier is faced inward, providing a clean finished look. A single layer application is able to achieve R-Values up to R-19.
  • Double Layer High R-Value System – For commercial metal buildings requiring insulation R-Values above R-19, a double layer system is often recommended. Faced fiberglass rolls are installed between the purlins and / or girts, filling the cavity. They are held up with steel banding that is screwed to the underside of the horizontal beam. Double layer systems can achieve R-Values up to R-40. 
  • Thermal Blocks – Thermal blocks are easy to install and help meet energy codes. Typically, 1″ thick and installed directly, they provide additional R-Value to the fiberglass insulation system in either single-layer or double-layer configurations.
  • Foam Insulated Panels – Commonly consisting of three layers (exterior metal skin, foam core, interior metal liner), foam insulated panels offer commercial metal buildings high R-values, excellent thermal performance, moisture control, and a clean finished look on the interior and exterior of the building.
  • Fiberglass Insulation Rolls – In addition to various levels of thickness, there are also several options for the facing vapor barrier when using fiberglass insulation rolls.

Insulation for Commercial Buildings – R-Value

An insulation R-value is the measurement of a material’s ability to stop heat and cold transfer. Specifically, Rvalue is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material.

No matter what a commercial metal building usage, insulating it will be of value to the inhabitants – both workers and product. The unique nature of commercial steel buildings require them to have both a vapor barrier and radiant barrier. 

  • Summer heat (both direct sun’s ray and indirect thermal heat) on a steel surface will create extreme heat temperatures inside the building.
  • Winter cold temperatures are exaggerated by the metal roof and wall sheeting making it quite cold inside. 
  • Water / Vapor – During transition months, warm temperatures coming in contact with cool metal roof or walls will create condensation (commonly called sweat).

Tri-City Distribution – Our Mission

TCD is to be reliable, knowledgeable and honest in helping our customers perform quality work. Let us consult on your next project and supply the best possible insulation for your commercial metal building project.

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Commercial Metal Building Insulation

Look to Tri-City Distribution for commercial metal building and roofing insulation you can rely on for your project, whether new construction, retro-fit