3 Reasons to Choose High Quality Commercial Insulation Joint Tapes


You put a lot of time and effort into your work, so your materials need to measure up to the job. You have a lot of options when it comes to materials and the joint tapes you choose will have a lasting impact on your commercial insulation project. Here are three things to look for when you source joint tapes for your next project: 

Durability: Your project is only as good as the supplies you use; when you invest in high quality products for your commercial insulation projects you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project will last. Your customer will not experience problems or have complaints when you start with quality. Look for strong, lasting adhesion and lasting strength when you choose this important component.

Ease of Installation: Why struggle with the product you’ve chosen for your insulation project? Start things out right with tough adhesion and easy handlability. You’ll get flawless results every time when your team can easily handle the product and when you opt for tough, instant adhesion. Your team will be able to move more efficiently and work more productively when they have the right tools for the job.

Moisture Management: It won’t impact your installation, but using a product that is rated for commercial projects and that can endure changes in weather, humidity and moisture will ensure the lasting integrity of your finished work. Look for joint tapes designed with moisture management in mind and prevent the incursion of humid, moist air. 

Investing in quality joint tapes makes the installation process streamlined and easy, allowing for a better looking, longer lasting final result. It also ensures that once complete, your project will be long lasting and not require a revisit any time soon. Commercial contractors can’t afford to revisit work or worse, get a reputation for less than stellar workmanship, particularly when the problem has nothing to do with the work at all — but is the fault of a weak adhesive or failed moisture barrier. 

At Tri-City Distribution we understand how important quality materials are for you and how much pride you take in your finished work. That’s why you’ll always find top quality products for your projects, from simple joint tapes to more complex tools and supplies. Call or stop by today to learn more or for assistance choosing the right products for your project. Our experts are always ready to help. 

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