Diamond Coring Systems

Hilti makes coring concrete, tile or stone easy with their Diamond Coring Systems. They offer several different Diamond Coring Systems to meet your job requirements. Contact us to learn which system is best suited for your application and to discuss the complete line of accessories including stands, vacuums, water supplies, coring bits and connections. Please see our Vacuum section for additional information on Hilti Vacuums.

DD 110-W Hand Held Coring System

DD 120 Compact Diamond Coring System

DD 150-U Diamond Coring System

DD 160 Diamond Coring System

DD 200 Pro Diamond Coring Tool

DD 350 Diamond Coring System Motor

Dry Diamond Core Bits

DD-BI Wet Diamond Core Bits

Specialty Diamond Core Bits
DD-BL Wet Diamond Core Bits, Granite and Marble Coring Bits



Core Drill and Bit Accessories

Water Collector System, Water Supply Unit, Gardena Connectors, Adapters, Extensions, Sharpening Plates