Chemical Anchors

Hilti offers a variety chemical anchoring systems. When comparing these systems, users should give special consideration to the following: base material, installation procedure, cure time and working time, bond strength, temperature sensitivity, inspection requirements and sustained load resistance. Hilti adhesive anchors do have a limited shelf life, so be sure to check the expiration date listed on these items before purchasing or installing. It is also important to make sure you have the proper dispenser and that holes are cleaned properly. See our Adhesive Accessories section for more information.

HIT-HY 200-R Fast Cure Hybrid Adhesive
Designed to be used with hole cleaning bit or HIT-Z Anchor rods.



HIT-HY 150 MAX-SD Fast Cure Hybrid Adhesive
All seismic design categories and cracked concrete approval – fast Cure



HIT-HY 150 MAX Fast Cure Hybrid Adhesive



HIT-RE 500-SD Epoxy Adhesive
For threaded rod and doweling in seismic conditions – slow cure



HIT-RE 500 Epoxy Adhesive



HIT-HY 70 Hybrid Adhesive
For use with mesh sleeves or internally threaded inserts in hollow masonry and brick material



HTE 50 Transportation Epoxy



HIT-HY 10 PLUS Adhesive Anchor
Flexibility to fasten into both solid and hollow concrete with mesh screens



HFX Hybrid Adhesive
Injects directly into solid base material and uses Hilti screen tubes for hollow base materials and fits any standard cartridge dispenser.



HVU Adhesive Capsule
Small edge distance and anchor spacing allowance and fast curing for high productivity



For additional information on selecting chemical/adhesive anchors contact us or see the Adhesive Anchor Selector Chart

Adhesive Anchor Selector